Translations related to Mark Shuttleworth

Last translation activity by Mark Shuttleworth was .


These are the translations that Mark Shuttleworth last worked on:

WordPress 2.8 series
rhythmbox source package in Intrepid
rhythmbox source package in Hardy
rhythmbox source package in Dapper
rhythmbox source package in Jaunty
WordPress 2.7 series
WordPress 1.5 series
WordPress 3.0 series
WordPress 2.0 series
WordPress 2.1 series

Translation Groups

Mark Shuttleworth is a member of the following translation groups:
Translation group Language Translation guidelines
GnuCash i18n German
Launchpad Translators Low German
Launchpad Translators Kirghiz
Ubuntu Translators Assamese
WordPress in Launchpad Nepali
elementary Dutch (Netherlands)
elementary Chinese (Hong Kong)
elementary Hindi
elementary Dutch, Middle (ca. 1050-1350)
elementary Dutch
elementary Dutch (Belgium)
emesene translation team Estonian