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Lists Remote Controller devices, loads rc keymaps, tests events, and adjusts
other Remote Controller options. Rather than loading a rc keymap, it is also
possible to set protocol decoders and set rc scancode to keycode mappings
You need to have read permissions on /dev/input for the program to work

On the options below, the arguments are:
SYSDEV - the rc device as found at /sys/class/rc
KEYMAP - a keymap file with protocols and scancode to keycode mappings
SCANKEY - a set of scancode1=keycode1,scancode2=keycode2.. value pairs
PROTOCOL - protocol name (nec, rc-5, rc-6, jvc, sony, sanyo, rc-5-sz, lirc,
sharp, mce_kbd, xmp, imon, rc-mm, other, all) to be enabled,
or a bpf protocol name or file
DELAY - Delay before repeating a keystroke
PERIOD - Period to repeat a keystroke
PARAMETER - a set of name1=number1[,name2=number2]... for the BPF prototcol
CFGFILE - configuration file that associates a driver/table name with
a keymap file

Options can be combined together.
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Located in utils/keytable/keytable.c:244
1 of 414 results

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