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Daniel Nylander
Distribution: Ubuntu
Series: mantic
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Ubuntu Translators
Translation policy: Restricted
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n != 1
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The link in the documentation part of this template should be kept intact. (Although, if there's an official Ubuntu web site that has the same page translated to the appropriate language, that would be fine). The reason for that is because this particular community page ( has a real wealth of information, including community support, how to contribute and information about local teams :) For more info please see Please keep try to keep the length of all titles at about 25-30 characters (maximum) or they will end up truncated in horrible ways. (You can recognize titles as the shorter strings that make the first mention of a subject covered in the next three or four strings). In this case, it's entirely permissible to trim some glitter from the titles strings if it's necessary to make them fit. If you need a visual reference, the following export of the slideshow is often up to date with the current design:


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